Monday, August 12, 2013

St. Clare

Yesterday was the feast of St. Clare. About a year ago we had a Catholic music artist Danielle Rose come to our parish. At the end of her singing she passed small blue paper with a saints name on it. She said that it is the saints that pick you not the other way around. I thought this was so neat. And I have read that elsewhere to that is the saints that pick you. She also said the saint you get wants to be your friend. Well when I pulled out the little blue paper it was St. Clare. Now I would not have thought too much about this other than our Priest had just blessed St. Clare's statue that same day! So I really felt she wanted to be my friend! I am not sure why she wants to be my friend and I still don't really know. But I do ask for her intercession. Also on the piece of paper there was a quote. And on mine it said "Look daily into the spotless mirror, dear queen and spouse of Christ, and see your face in it. See how you are to adorn yourself, within and without, in all the blossoms of virtue, as befits a chaste daughter and spouse of that greatest of Kings. In that mirror poverty, humility, and love beyond all telling shine radiantly." Pray for women to seek interior beauty, and to look at themselves according to God's standards, not the world's."
.Maybe God sent her just for me to hear that message. So after getting this I went to go buy the movie on St. Clare and St. Francis. I loved the movie about them. And loved that nothing or no one was going to keep her from becoming a Nun! In that sense I can relate. I feel the same way about converting to the Catholic church. Nothing or no one was going to keep me from receiving Jesus in the Eucharist!
So I have a fondness for her.  It was a definite God moment for me.