Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Love of Reading

I love reading. I love books. And I love learning more about my Catholic faith. I feel  I have found this deepness within the Catholic Church that I did not have before my conversion. I just love reading about the lives of Saints. There is such wonderful treasures I have found by reading about the saints. They teach you so much. When I read about their lives it is like finding buried treasure. There are so many books on my book list I want to dig into. Too many to count! Right now I am reading this little book called "A Retreat with Our Lady and Juan Diego." I am about to start a women's retreat at our church on this book. It is an awesome book. It is out of print though. But you can find it used on Amazon. 
I am also reading 33 Days to Morning Glory. This is my second time to read this book. I am doing with a group at my church. I tend to read several books at one time. I can't just seem to read one book at a time. And I have several devotional books at my bedside that I read also at night. There is nothing like finding a good book and staying in bed all day reading and have a cup of tea or coffee! That is my kind of relaxing. 
So I love what C.S. Lewis had to say about reading! That is so me. Here are a few more books on my list to read....