Thursday, July 13, 2006

This is a picture that was sent to me by my cousin. It is the Caddo River which is where we spent many of our summers as kids growing up with our cousins. We would go here with my grandparents all the time. My Dad would always take us her to swim. It is just a wonderful place. We still occasionally go here still even as adults and bring our neice's and nephew now when we are home. There use to be a low water brigde but they eventually built a new bridge which is just not the same. The top pic is the bridge that is no longer there I think. My brother still floats the river. The water is always clear. This is not far from where my grandmother lived and now my aunt and uncle live there. It is just peaceful and just dirt roads still to get there. My cousin said this pic would make me homesick and it does.

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