Saturday, July 29, 2006

Under Construction


YOU say, "My life is so messed up at the moment." John replies: "Now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be." Have you ever been to a construction site? It looks like anything but a building, doesn't it? That's because "it doth not yet appear what it shall be." But bit-by-bit under the architect's supervision, bricks, beams and piles of sand start taking shape.
You may be a mess right now. Indeed if the church is doing its job there should be lots of messy people in it: people being pulled out of rough situations, people in the process of being restored. No baby comes out of the womb clean and dressed up; birth is painful and messy. But the good news is you have been spiritually reborn. You are under construction. There is a plan and purpose behind what's going on in your life. Things will come together. You see, when Christ comes into your life your spirit is immediately changed, but your emotions, appetites and attitudes still need work -lots of it. In each of us there are areas that need to be corrected and redirected. And until they are we struggle to handle them in dysfunctional and carnal ways.
Those who say, "If you were really a Christian you wouldn't act like that," tend to forget that falling down is just part of learning to walk. You can know what to do yet struggle to do it.
Relax! God is at work in your life. He won't give up on you!

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