Sunday, September 03, 2006

Here are a few pic's from the mission trip from this weekend. It was a great weekend and a awesome experience. God just seems to show me more everytime I go. This is my second trip here and it such a blessing to help the needs of the people there. I plan on trying to learn spanish so I can commuicate with the people better. I feel that God has put it on my heart to learn the language. So I will be spending my time now trying to do that. It is so awesome to be able to serve in this way. I know that this is what I am suppose to do. It is in my heart and God is in my heart and this is where he is taking me. I am excited for what the future holds for me in missions.

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Padre Reeds said...

Great pics, great trip!Glad you could go and you're always an asset on them.