Saturday, October 07, 2006

Katrina at Callapider Days has come up with a great idea for this fall. She's created the Fall in to Reading Challenge. I thought was a good idea. I love to read especially inspirational books. I read a lot devotional books also. I usually try to read before I go to bed if I am not too tired from work. I almost always end up catching up on the weekends on my reading. I have a book shelf by my bedside with a lot books that I still need to read. I usually end up reading several books at one time so it takes me a while to finish one. So here is my list of books to read this Fall.

Only Holy Ground
by Charles Stanley

Voices of the Faithful
by Beth Moore

Prayers that avail much for Women
by Germaine Copeland

Finding God
by John Fischer

Love Him in the Morning
by John Fischer

Grace for the Moment
by Max Lucado

One year of HOPE
by Nancy Guthrie

Women of the Bible
by Anne Spangler

Books I have finished

Your Late again Lord
by Karon Phillips Goodman

A Day with a Stranger
by David Gregory

A Women and her God
by Beth Moore

Dinner with a Perfect Stanger
by David Gregory

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Katrina said...

Hi Janice - Thanks for joining the reading challenge! Looks like you have a great list. I've never heard of John Fischer, but the books by him that you have listed here look intriguing - I'll have to check him out.

Enjoy your reading!