Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This past weekend my Dad and step-mom came to visit her are some pic's of some of the things we did. We did go to progreso. My step mom wanted to go there to shop but I had never been there and was a little afraid to go but for the most part we had fun. It was very crowded there. We found a good restaurant to eat at called Agulars I think. All the waiters were dressed up in tuxedo's and there was nothing but American's eating there. The food was good and none of us got sick. It rained on us at first but then it stopped. I am glad because it was pretty miserable while it was raining. It seems to flood really bad in Mexico went it rains. Then we just took them to the beach and the downtown where all the ships are.

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Tiffany said...

hi Janice.
It's kind of neat to be a tourist in your own town. It's funny how it isn'nt until we actually have vistors come in to C.C. that we actually make our way down to the boats and beach. We should make it a monthly thing to walk along the seawall. GOod post and enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for visiting.