Monday, January 25, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I had a procedure done on my heart for a arrhythmia. By the Grace of God the doctor found nothing wrong with my heart and I was able to stop the medication that I was on. I also feel God is really telling me to start an exercise program. More that just walking. I have to strengthen my heart so I don't end up in this situation again. So I am planning on joining curves on February first. But this is my testimony as tho what God had done in my life the day of the procedure.

Well I have to give all the Glory to God about my procedure. I had been praying a lot about this. After trying several medications that I really did not want to be on I decided to have this EP study done on my heart. Hoping that I could come off of the medication I was on. The night before the procedure I was praying and reading my bible. I was wanting to hear from God about the procedure. I was flipping through my bible when my eyes fell on Zephaniah 3:15 "The Lord has stopped your punishment; he has removed all your enemies. The Lord, the king of Israel is with you; there is no reason now to be afraid." So I meditated on this scripture. I also read Psalm 121 which God had given me before I went on all my mission trips. When I went to bed I just knew that God was with me. The morning of the procedure I went to read my devotionals that I get in my email. One from "Our Daily Bread" and the other from "The Upper Room." Both devotionals were on having second chances in life. The one from our daily bread was about the plane that went down in the Hudson river last year. I did not realize the January 15Th was the anniversary date of that plane landing in the water. It was about how they thought that they were going to die but instead got a second chance to live. And that God's mercies are new every morning. The other devotional was about how Jesus gave the criminal on the cross a second chance that he would be in paradise with Him that day. It also talked about how God gave David a second chance. And people that are in prisons can have a second chance. And all the other people in the bible that God gave second chances too. The bible is filled with people that God gave second chances too.
I just felt God was telling me that I was getting a second chance. That my heart would be healed. I also read in one more devotional ( I know I read a lot of devotionals) anyway it was in "Come away my Beloved" Part of it said "Love Me with your whole Heart. I am the Lord, your God. I have saved you and healed you, and you have much for which to praise Me. Never cease to keep a spirit of overflowing gratitude."
So after reading all these it was time to go the hospital. They hooked me up to everything. The doctor came in to say "hi" before the procedure. Of course he did not seem worried at all. He had his breakfast in his hand in a little bag and a big smile on his face. Then the Anesthesiologist came in and started to tell me how long the procedure would take. She said that I would probably be back there anywhere from three to five hours for the procedure. And She was telling me about how many catheters they would be putting in me. And that he was planning on having to cross the septum in the heart and that would take longer. It was the left side of my heart that was affected. And that I would almost defiantly have to spend the night. I have to admit that was the only moment I got a little worried. For a split second I got a little scared. I was thinking this sounds way more involved than what I had realized. Then Doug came in the room and I was telling him all what she had told me. At that point I did start to get a little choked up. But then I was okay after a moment or two. Then they came to take me back. They started putting on all these pads all over me that was very cold. And it already freezing in the room. Then they gave me the sedation. I don't remember a thing. I think the procedure lasted about two hours. The doctor went to go talk to Doug after it was over. The doctor could not find anything wrong. Nothing to cauterize in the heart. And they did not have to do all that they thought at first. That is why the procedure did not take as long. And I was able to go home that evening. Thanks be to God! The doctor told me to stop the medicine. I had been off it since the day before the procedure. So I have been off of my medication and I don't believe that I will be needing it. I do believe that God had healed my heart. That He was in the midst working everything out for me.
Now I had tried to schedule this procedure for sooner dates before the 15Th. But I could not do so. I believe God planned it this way so I would read those devotionals about getting a second chance.
So now I have to keep my part of the bargain and take better care of my heart by exercising more. So my heart will become stronger. And I know that God has been telling me exercise more. But now I don't think I have a choice. Our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and God wants us to take care of them.
The devotional the day after the procedure I read in "Come away my Beloved" part of of it said " Be obedient to My command that you rejoice in the Lord always. Because I must become your one true source of life and joy. I allow the difficult circumstances to come. Through them, I test your love for Me"
So thank you for all of your prayers for me. This was a big deal for me to go through. By His strips we are healed! "And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death." Revelation 12:11
What an awesome God we have!

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Crystal said...

Hey, just wanted to say hello & that I'm bookmarking your site. I'm almost 32, no kids yet, 3 cats. LOL. I'm slowly making my way back to a Christ centered life right now. Look forward to reading more from you. Is there a way to follow you, do you have that turned on? Maybe I missed it??