Monday, November 25, 2013

Come Away with Me

O come to Me when you need rest
O come to Me with every burden on your chest
O come to Me when you feel like you’re going to fall and I will catch you when night calls
O come to Me when the road seems long and your faith is all gone
Rely on Me your strength and together we will go the length
Seasons come and go, but My hand is with you, just so you know
So there My child lay down and rest a while, because you have walked a great mile
It is why I have called you here, because your life is fast paced
and you need My strength to finish this race

These words came to me a few weeks ago while praying, it was just the first few lines at first. And this past weekend I was at retreat and I felt the Holy Spirit give more words to finish it. We had a project to do and we had to write a poem. So I started with the first few lines that I had written weeks ago and these other words just stated to come. At the end of the night we had to share all our projects with everyone. So I read this to everyone there. 
Sometimes God has to take you away with Him, away from the business of life so He can speak to you. That is what He did with me this weekend at the retreat. I just heard Him say to me "I want to sit down and talk to you for a while" and talk to me He did. 

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Brian said...

Very beautiful... Thank you!